Monday, August 22, 2011

"People Are Leaving"

One of the big reasons I feel compelled to write is because of loss. There has been a tremendous amount of loss in our close circle of friends and family this past year. As my best friend, the former Hospice Counselor, likes to say: it's all about grief, man! She would know, because she's been through a shitload of losses if I may say so. Some of what you will be reading here will be my way of dealing with loss - recent, raw, and old, scarred, nonetheless deep, part of me forever. This blog really is about life, death, and everyday insanity.

There really is only one choice: life or death. Nothing in between. Decide now!  And be willing to pay the price.

More on this later.

First, here is a poem I wrote after a recent tragic loss in our community, which you will read about more in here, because I simply have to write about it.

Morning (Mourning)

This is where I want to stay
Wrapped in soft sheets
Surrounded by warmth
And silence
And luminous darkness
Except for the involuntary ebb and flow
Of air moving through me
I am not breathing
I am simply a receptacle
Made from soft tissue
Bone, and water
I have no will of my own
I am but a witness
To the steady pounding of my heart
As if listening
To a stranger's conversation
Through a closed door
Wondering what it means
But not really needing to know
The answer.

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